Mission Statement

The mission of UCD is to contribute to the broader Disaster Risk Reduction of communities affected by natural and man-made hazards, through an emergency relief and recovery, to help build a better the local community where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society after recovering from disaster risks.

Our Vision

“An enabling humanitarian and emergency environment – through which – the realization, respect, and protection of fundamental human rights among the affected community is enabled to make them active contributor within the society”

Our Goal

The goal of UCD is to contribute in lessoning of the suffering of the deprived and the vulnerable communities – affected by natural and human-triggered disaster risks – through community mobilization, coordination, capacity building, advocacy & strengthening of local community systems and institutions.

Our Strategy

A sustainable strategy is devised to achieve the intended outcome in terms of equity, access and inclusion. This will be effected through a need based and right based approach initiated with respect to the nature and magnitude of risks, with fully community involvement and mobilizing local and international resources. The program goal are materialized with a helping hand from members, the government, the donor agencies, philanthropists, humanitarian volunteers.