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What is UCD’s Work Strategy and Philosophy?

What is UCD’s Work Strategy and Philosophy?

In 2021 a group of educated, dynamic, and like-minded individuals working in the humanitarian and emergency sector, got together to establish this local organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of disaster risk–affected and deprived people in Ethiopia. True to this spirit the organization was named Ultimate Concern for the Deprived (UCD).

Our Strategy

A sustainable strategy is devised to achieve the intended outcome in terms of equity, access, and inclusion. This will be effected through a need-based and right-based approach initiated with respect to the nature and magnitude of risks, with full community involvement and mobilizing local and international resources. The program goal is materialized with a helping hand from members, the government, the donor agencies, philanthropists, humanitarian volunteers.


Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable rural development is a dynamic process posing various needs at different phases of time. These can be dealt with continuous interventions based on designed frameworks that incorporate the requirements projected by the local authorities and humanitarian organizations, public-private partnerships, and with the help of the communities.

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